Welcome to the documentation of ERC-7579. These docs aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the standard, including guides, references and overview of the ecosystem.


What is ERC-7579?

ERC-7579 outlines the minimally required interfaces and behavior for modular smart accounts and modules to ensure interoperability across implementations.

Why ERC-7579?

There are several reasons why standardizing smart accounts is extremely beneficial to the ecosystem. The most important of these are:

  • Interoperability for modules to be used across different smart accounts
  • Interoperability for smart accounts to be used across different wallet applications and SDKs
  • Preventing vendor lock-in for smart account users and application developers

The Standard

Ultimately, standardization comes at the cost of flexibility. Therefore, our goal for the standard is to be as minimal as possible to achieve interoperability but to allow account and module builders to continue to innovate.

Our approach to the standard is the following:

  • Take learnings from existing smart accounts that have been used in production and from building interoperability layers between them
  • Ensure that the interfaces are as minimal and open to alternative architectures as possible

Reference implementation

The reference implementation (opens in a new tab) of ERC-7579 is a set of smart contracts that implement the standard in a minimal way. It is intended to be used as a reference for other implementations and for testing purposes. Currently, the reference implementation has various flavors of smart accounts to demonstrate some of the possibilities allowed by the standard.


Standardization will need to continue to happen for smart accounts and modules. This standardization might also happen for a subset of smart accounts or modules, such as, for example, further standardizing security safeguards around module usage. To encompass this, we encourage members of the community to create extensions to this standard, by creating new ERCs that extend the behavior of ERC-7579. For example, an ERC might use the title “[FEATURE] Extension for ERC-7579” to indicate that it is an extension to ERC-7579. You can also find a list of extensions under extensions.


There are several ways to contribute to the standard:


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