What is ERC-7484?

ERC-7484 standardises the interface and functionality of Module Registries, allowing modular smart accounts to verify the security of modules using a Registry Adapter. It also provides a reference implementation of a Singleton Module Registry.

Why ERC-7484?

ERC-7579 aims to standardise the modular implementation of smart accounts, allowing any developer to build modules for these modular accounts (hereafter Smart Accounts). However, adding third-party modules into Smart Accounts unchecked opens up a wide range of attack vectors. Users need to be able to trust that the modules they are using are secure and will not compromise their accounts and funds.

The standard

One solution to this security issue is to create a Module Registry that stores security attestations on Modules and allows Smart Accounts to query these attestations before using a module. This standard aims to achieve two things:

  1. Standardise the interface and required functionality of Module Registries.
  2. Standardise the functionality of Adapters that allow Smart Accounts to query Module Registries.

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