There are many different ERC-7579 compatible accounts and more being built. Different ERC-7579 accounts make different architectural choices, but all comply with the core interfaces of the standard. Here is a list of them:


A gas efficient and feature rich modular smart account

GitHub repo: Kernel (opens in a new tab)

Built by: ZeroDev (opens in a new tab)


An adapter for the battle-tested Safe smart account

GitHub repo: Safe7579 (opens in a new tab)

Built by: Rhinestone (opens in a new tab) and Safe (opens in a new tab)


Coming soon

GitHub repo: Nexus (opens in a new tab)

Built by: Biconomy (opens in a new tab)


Coming soon

GitHub repo: Prime (opens in a new tab)

Built by: Etherspot (opens in a new tab)

ERC-7579 Reference implementation

A reference implementation of the ERC-7579 standard

GitHub repo: Reference implementation (opens in a new tab)

Built by: ERC-7579 (opens in a new tab)